Somewhere between here and there

Is better than neither here nor there

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STAZA is Croatian for Path or route

The most interesting and most rewarding path is rarely the straightest.

STAZA is a project of Incline Design Group

We are a design and marketing studio making good stuff for rad people across North America and Europe.

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How our custom printing works

At STAZA, all our products are custom printed or embroidered for you when you order. It's super neat. It's personal. Because we like you—a lot.

This means that we really need you to be sure of your size before ordering. We don't offer returns for incorrect sizes or styles ordered, so please be very sure of what you're ordering!

We're very particular about what products we are using to ensure quality and consistency.

If you have any questions or concerns with your order, please email us—we want you to be as stoked with your stuff as we are designing it.