The Personal Side of the Story:

For the past 35 years (maybe even more), I have been coming up with so many good (and soooo many terrible) ideas for t-shirts. This site is ultimately a realization of that.

This is an art project.

This is a business project.

This is something I just wanted to share with the world.

I am a rabid consumer of news and science and design editorial, and there was a point many years ago when I told a coworker who was similarly obsessed with media consumption, "Keep doing that—but at least make it work for you. Turn it into something productive." So this is what me taking my own advice looks like.


The Business Side of the Story:

Incline Design Group is a design and marketing studio based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. We serve clients primarily in the tech, science, cycling, and outdoor worlds, while also doing quite a bit of work for nonprofits, small businesses, and artists. Doing creative work for other people is our 9–5; STAZA is a little flexing of our creative muscles in the 5–9.

Let us know what you think!

You can reach out to us or explore our other work and services on the Incline Design Group website. We always love to hear from good people—and maybe there will be a future opportunity for us to work together.